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Lighting & Draping


Transform a plain room or enhance an elegant one with our uplighting. Use uplighting to enhance your color scheme for the evening and amp up the energy during dancing. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your event. Contact us to find out how to make your event space memorable.


See your name in lights with our custom-designed spotlight monograms. This customized lighting will set your event apart from others, and will wow guests by adding a personal touch to any wedding decor. We craft a custom initialed or full-name monogram in a style that suits your existing reception theme. Monograms can be on a wall, dance floor, exterior, ceiling, or almost anywhere.


Are you in love with your cake and floral design? Highlight them with our pinspots! Don’t miss the chance to showcase these important design elements! 

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    We are #1 Rated in Chicagoland

    Audio West has over 20 years of entertainment experience which results in first-hand knowledge of what makes an event successful. We have had great success providing quality and memorable service for a variety of events including wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate functions, community & church gatherings, holiday parties, private events, school functions and more.

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