Collective Agreement Mut

has eleven union members, whose total membership is 12,000 employees from different sectors and professions. The unions affiliated to For.U.M are AAE, ALPA, EPOU, MUMN, MUT, UCC, UHBC, UMASA, UPAP, UPISP and UTAC. They represent workers from the full range of Maltese society. The association actively participates in all national debates and activities concerning the conditions and rights of workers and their families. On behalf of the Secretariat of Catholic Education, Fr. Charles Mallia said: “The ecclesiastical authorities are pleased to have concluded this new collective agreement with MUT in time to properly prepare for the coming school year. The ecclesiastical schools have already begun to implement part of this agreement, including the financial package, and have also concluded the necessary agreements with the educational authorities to provide the necessary staff for the coming school year and the following staff. Although reflecting the sectoral agreement between the Government of Malta and the MUT, it has been adapted to respect the ethics, identity and autonomy of ecclesiastical schools. The superiors and principals of Church schools have contributed to this process. At the signing of this agreement, which took place in the Archbishop`s Curia, the following improvements were announced: the ecclesiastical authorities and the Teachers` Union of Malta signed the collective agreement that will serve as a general agreement between the two parties until 2022. This agreement concerns all collaborators of the Secretariat of Education of the Church and the schools of the Church in Malta and Gozo. . .


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